A downloadable game for Windows

Themed after the campy, 1981 Canadian B-Horror movie "Humongous", this large, puzzle filled, detailed text-adventure finds you everywhere from stranded on a boat, lost on an island, on top of a lighthouse, to an old abandoned house, face to face with a deformed beast, and more.  Learn the story of the island and the horrors behind it.  Blah Blah Blah.  Seriously, a fun text adventure for those who enjoy them.




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I got the inflated raft and the flares, but no idea as how to sail (also the parser kind of ignores you whenever you write something it doesn't recognize) Any gentle push in the right direction? :)

Here is the dialog message when I run the .EXE file:

Downloaded it to my PC desktop  - but would not run on mine. (Windows Vista - 32-bit) Any ideas to make it work?

Works fine for me. Windows 7 64-bit.

Could be it was written in QB64 (64bit) which may not play well on a 32 bit machine.

Hmmm... Yes - might be that. On the QB site I see there is a 32 bit version of QB64 too. Maybe you could try compiling with that one as well? :)

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I used DOSBOX to run a 32bit version of QB, but the game wouldn't load ("Out of memory")  I suspect due to its size and memory requirements it would burp on a 32bit system.  Surprising for a program written in QB64 (it should be no problem for a 32bit machine to run) but so far I've had no luck in getting it to run under 32bit.

Do you not have a 64bit machine?

If not, it may be time :)

OK. I tried it on my Windows  10 laptop 64bit. worked fine with no problems.